Call an ambulance. Why does

Call an ambulance. Why doesIn partial blockage (occlusion), the child can breathe in and out, talking or crying, coughing and breathing (often noisy breathing).

In partial obstruction did not do any of the above manipulation, as they may lead to the fact that a partial blockage (occlusion) is transformed into a full obstruction. Call an ambulance.

Why does hair fall out?

In infants, the hair falls out, and that's fine. In children two years of age can also losing his hair, and it's not normal. Here are some possible causes of hair loss:

Alopecia (alopecia), alopecia, in which hair is falling beams in different parts of the head. In most cases the hair grow back in a couple of weeks. If it does not, prescribe steroid ointment for topical application or tablets

that soothe inflammation of the scalp.

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